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Hello there!

My name is Nicholas Stevenson. I specialize in Photography, Graphic Design, Video, Song Writing, Play writing, Marketing and Promotion. Working in for a variety of companies and labels for the past 8 years.

Throughout my 8 years of work experience, I have worked around the world. Working in and for companies in :

Europe (mostly England, France, and Sweden), Australia, China, Japan, Canada and the United States.

Currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada. My work brings to me all of areas of California, New York, Arizona and the UK. Willing to travel for clients if needed.

I have a Bachelor's Degree from Bath Spa University in Graphic Communications and Photography from Havering College in the United Kingdom.

With a variety of publications under my belt, I have been building my name out as much as I can. My main goal is to get as many publications as possible through out the United States and Europe. As a determined individual and availibility to get along with many people, I will keep on track of this goal.

If anything you see interests you please feel free to contact!


Bath Spa University (Bath, England)

Digital design & Graphic Communication  (2009)

Havering College – The Academy of Arts & Science   (Essex, England)

BA (Honours) - Photography (2009)


Surreal Beauty 

NME Magazine

  Front Magazine

  Nuts Magazine

  London Bug



  Daily Mirror

  West Ham United Website

  Dagens Nyheter

  Svenska Dagbladet


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